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Udawalawe Sri Lanka Taxi Cab Hire Rate Price

All types of vehicle are Air Conditioned.
To save your time and our time mentioned prices are our BEST All Inclusive rates
Price Per Vehicle, Price Below Basic Air Conditioned (A/C) Vehicle - Price May Change With Vehice Type

To From Udawalawe Price
Colombo AirportFrom Udawalawe12,900LKR
Colombo CityFrom Udawalawe9,500LKR
Mattala AirportFrom Udawalawe10,500LKR
TissamaharamaFrom Udawalawe10,000LKR
YalaFrom Udawalawe10,500LKR
RannaFrom Udawalawe7,700LKR
TangalleFrom Udawalawe7,000LKR
MataraFrom Udawalawe4,500LKR
MirissaFrom Udawalawe4,000LKR
WeligamaFrom Udawalawe3,500LKR
SigiriyaaFrom Udawalawe20,000LKR
KalpitiyaFrom Udawalawe20,000LKR
BentotaFrom Udawalawe5,500LKR
Arugam bayFrom Udawalawe11,830LKR
EllaFrom Udawalawe6,500LKR
HaputaleFrom Udawalawe6,175LKR
TrincomaleeFrom Udawalawe24,310LKR
Kandy From Udawalawe12,350LKR
KataragamaFrom Udawalawe4,615LKR
Pasikuda/KalkudaFrom Udawalawe19,370LKR
UdawalaweFrom Udawalawe9,165LKR
Nuwara EliyaFrom Udawalawe10,335LKR
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