Maharagama Sri Lanka Taxi Cab Hire Rate Price

All types of vehicle are Air Conditioned.
To save your time and our time mentioned prices are our BEST All Inclusive rates
Price Per Vehicle, Price Below Basic Air Conditioned (A/C) Vehicle - Price May Change With Vehice Type

To From Maharagama Price
ColomboFrom Maharagama 845LKR
GalleFrom Maharagama 7,410LKR
MataraFrom Maharagama 10,270LKR
HattonFrom Maharagama 7,605LKR
KandyFrom Maharagama 7,995LKR
NuwaraeliyaFrom Maharagama 10,140LKR
AluthgamaFrom Maharagama 3,705LKR
KatunayakaFrom Maharagama 2,730LKR
NegomboFrom Maharagama 3,055LKR
BatticaloaFrom Maharagama 19,305LKR
JaffnaFrom Maharagama 24,115LKR
WallawayaFrom Maharagama 13,910LKR
MonaragalaFrom Maharagama 16,185LKR
TissamaharamaFrom Maharagama 13,390LKR
HambanthotaFrom Maharagama 12,935LKR
TangallaFrom Maharagama 11,960LKR
Ambalangoda From Maharagama 5,395LKR
kaluthara From Maharagama 2,340LKR
mathugama From Maharagama 3,485LKR
KegalleFrom Maharagama 5,460LKR
ElpitiyaFrom Maharagama 5,525 LKR
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